📷 Adlawon Vacation Farm

Small pets are allowed in Adlawon Vacation Farm. Though the farm has accommodations for an overnight stay, pets are not allowed to stay in the guest rooms. The farm is open from 9 AM to 8 PM every Wednesdays to Sundays. They are also open during holidays and long weekends. They have a strict pet policy, be sure to read them below.

Pet Policy

In general, pets are prohibited to enter the farm because of their unforeseen effects on people, plants, insects and other creatures.

Pet dogs are allowed into the farm, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The dog is not more than 10 kilos in weight;
  2. It has a collar and leash;
  3. It will be confined to the grounds in the farm;
  4. It will be held by its leash by its owner or other person while roaming on the grounds;
  5. The owner will be responsible for picking up its litter, and for any injury or damages caused by the dog to other animals, plants, or persons;
  6. It will not be allowed to enter any part of the restaurant, function rooms, game arcade, souvenir shop, refreshment parlor, or guest rooms due to the possibility of other guests having allergies from dogs, or paranoia, fear, dislike, or other aversion toward them.

Owners wishing to enter any of the prohibited areas may leave their dogs at any of the assigned pet stations. Owners of dogs that are more than 10 kilos in weight, or are otherwise disqualified from roaming in the farm, will be required to leave their dogs at a pet station.

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