📷 Hale Manna Coastal Gardens

Hale Manna has a dedicated room for guests with dogs. You can book Room 11 when staying at Hale Manna. See room here. They allow pets other than dogs on a case-to-case basis, just contact them if you are interested.

Hale Manna’s Pet Policy

Masha and Manuela at Hale Manna
Masha and Manuela
  1. Only guests booking Barkada Room 11 may bring dogs to stay overnight. Bringing of dog (with permission) will be charged P950/pet/night. Unauthorized bringing of dogs will incur a charge of P1500/pet/night. Exemptions to fees apply to registered support dogs with proper documentation.
  2. Only one small or medium dog (under 15kg) per booking allowed, and you must inform us that you will be bringing the dog upon making the reservation. Dog’s vaccinations must be up to date.
  3. Owners must bring the dogs’ bedding, bowls, and food. You will be expected to clean up after your dogs for any messes they make.
  4. Dogs must be carried or kept on leash in all public areas of the resort. Dogs are not allowed in or around the swimming pool.
  5. Your dog’s immunizations must be up-to-date upon check in.
  6. Bringing of dogs in rooms other than Barkada Room 11 is not allowed and will incur a penalty of P1500/dog per night.

See more of their policy here.

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