Pet-friendly Cebu


A Travel Directory for Kids with Paws


Pet-friendly Cebu is a website dedicated to providing a list of places in Cebu on where to bring your furry loved ones.

About Pet-friendly Cebu
HI! I’m Justine Kay. I’m the hooman behind Pet-friendly Cebu. I’m a fur mom of 3 girls: Manuela, Masha and Trisha.

At times, I bring my fur babies with me when going out for leisure or when dining in at restaurants (more like, “they love coming with me and the hubs everywhere we go!“). It worries me to leave them alone at home, especially for long periods of time. Having them joining our trips and seeing them enjoying their time outside the house gives me joy and a reassuring feeling. But sometimes, looking for places that welcome pets can be hard to find, so I thought it would be great and helpful to pet lovers like me to have a go-to list of pet-friendly places in Cebu. The list you can find here is based on research, experience, and recommendations from fellow pet parents and establishment owners themselves.

Count on us and stay tuned as we update this site with more information on pet-friendly spots in Cebu.

P.S. Always remember to be a responsible pet mom and dad when going out with your fur babies! 🐾