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Matahom Paradise Villas is a Bali-inspired resort in Medellin. The resort is pet-friendly and follows strict pet policy.

Pet Policy

  1. Pet must not exceed 20 lbs. in weight.
  2. Pet must not be aggressive.
  3. Pet must be clean and not have fleas.
  4. Pet is not allowed in the swimming pool.
  5. Pet must be kenneled/leashed at all times.
  6. Pet owners must submit their pet’s health card prior to checking in and proof of current vaccination.
  7. Pet owners must be responsible to clean waste and place them in designated areas. Cleaning charges may apply.
  8. Pet owners must agree that they will be responsible in case there will be damages caused by their pets.
  9. In case of damage or inflict harm to another guest or staff, the owner must be responsible.
  10. Failure to adhere the set policies, the resort has the right to deny guest.

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Kawit, Medellin